Dr. Dave Brace - Veterinary Advisor

Dr. Brace explains a surgical procedure!
Veterinary Advisor
Canmore, Alberta
Pets: Sara, Carl, Jack and Sprout (dogs)

Dr. Dave Brace is a Veterinarian with the Bow River Veterinary Center in Canmore and has a strong interest in helping to get the Bow Valley SPCA facility up and running. Working daily with animals that are stray, lost or abandoned, he recognizes that there is a real need in the Bow Valley for a group that can manage this growing problem. He is also very keen and committed to the no-kill aspect of this program.

Dave has three dogs at home- Sarah, a "voluptuous" Rottie female, along with Carl and Sprout, 2 classic "Morley-mutts" of questionable breeding. His partner in life and in business is Dr. Pilar Gosselin, co-owner/operator of the Bow River Vet Center. Hobbies include mountain biking, Telemark skiing and running.

Board Member since 2000