Amanda Wagner - Director of Volunteers

Director of Volunteers
Calgary, Alberta
Rue is a pomerian-poodle mix and Kirby is a tabby kitten adopted from the BV SPCA October 2016. Jelly and Splash the gold fish and a snail named Morton.

Amanda is originally from Welland, Ontario and moved to the Bow Valley in 2012. Amanda holds a degree in Community Health and Business. Working with the Bow Valley SPCA is a perfect fit for Amanda as it combines her love for all animals and her passion for volunteering within her community. Amanda joined the BV SPCA in 2014, becoming a member of the Education Committee and assisting with administrative tasks. She joined the Board as Director of Volunteers in December 2015 and signed on as a member of the Event Committee, planning the Masquerade in the Mountains. What does volunteering mean Amanda? It means being passionate, committed and wanting to work towards something that doesn’t have a monetary prize or recognition. It is something that one does out of the kindness of their heart. The volunteers and staff of the BV SPCA exhibit all these qualities and that is what makes working with the BV SPCA a perfect fit. Ultimately, it is about the animals and helping them find their forever home; offering them love and care until that time comes.

Board Member since 2015