Mut Strut--a giant success

The Bow Valley Mut Strut held on September 15, 2012 in Canmore raised exactly $15,000 and because of our generous sponsors it netted $15,000.  That means that we were able to use ALL of the funds raised from the work of the 50+ people walking 40+ dogs for the care of the dogs and

Spirit--An Update

Some of you may remember Spirit when she lived at the Centre.  She started out as a an extrememly high energy girl who wanted to play more than anything.  We loved the play behaviour, but also wanted her to learn to learn some polite behaiours like walking on a loose leash, not jumping up on ever

Calendar Cover Contest Winner

Gudrun Schulze Ebbinghoff was one of the winners of the Calendar Cover Contest for the 2013 version of the Bow Valley SPCA Calendar.  She, her daughter and Talea (they call her Lea), all came to Canmore to pick up the prize, valued at $300, from  Charlene Cherniwchan at the Mut Hut.  Luckily for

2013 Calendar Available

The 2013 Bow Valley SPCA Calendar is now available.  August might seem a bit early to be thinking about 2013, but with school starting and many winter events being scheduled, we hope that it will be helpful (as well as beautiful).  This calendar, like our earlier versions, was created with volunt

Belle One Year Later

Belle was with us at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre for about 3 years.  She was adored by every volunteer that knew her.  Her temperment was astounding when it came to people and kids--beautifully sweet and gentle.  She was a bit unpredictable when it came to other dogs and at 110 poun

Another Tweak--easy as 1-2-3

We have improved the update feature on our new site.  Now you can see all of the changes, including who has been adopted).  This is a terrific way to follow the lives of the dogs and cats that come into our care, AND you need to only sign up one time.  We promise this is secure a

SPCA Garage Sale and Bottle Drive--Big Success

The Bow Valley SPCA raised $1300 in (garage) sales and estimate about $100 worth of recyclable bottles/cans were dropped off at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Center.  More than 100 people showed up to look for bargins.  Most of the available items were lightly used and many were new.  The it

How Sweet It Is!

Recent email to our Adoption Centre Manager:

Good Morning,
I just wanted to give everyone at the Bow Valley SPCA a huge thank you for taking such great care and bring our 2 girls in to our lives. We adopted Lexi (the black pup) in November 2011, and we just recently added to our family unit with Farrah in July 2012. The girls love each other so much and have became inseparable. You have filled our home with so much love and joy, we just wanted to personally thank you. Everyone that works/volunteers at the SPCA goes above and beyond and you can really tell how much it pays off when you meet our pups.

Another Good Reason to Volunteer

Natasha, one of our senior volunteers, took Koa (who was adopted almost immediately) for a short hike at Heart Creek.  It is clear from the pictures that they both had fun, and that is always an objective of any outing.  What is not so clear is that Natasha, like all of our volunteers, is teachin

Bow Valley SPCA 2013 Calendar Cover Contest Winners

The judges have sorted and selected 4 winners for the Calendar Cover Contest for 2013.  The Camera Store in Calgary hosted the event and asked their newsletter recipients to submit photos.  We also asked through Facebook for any of our "likes" to submit.  Ultimately we had nearly 70 submissions a

The Payoff for Rescue

Here is an email we received and it explains in nthe simplist terms why people get involved with rescuing cats and dogs.  Of course it is great for the dogs and cats, but what is not noticed so often is what a huge benefit it is to the person adopting.

3 Week Old Kitten Abandoned Near Highway.

A man arrived at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre door at noon on Sunday. He had a tiny little kitten in a Roger’s sugar box. He said a tourist had found the kitten on the side of the road and took it to the hotel where his wife worked.

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Pets Improve People's Health

People who own a pet believe it is good for their health, but most of us couldn't "prove" it.  Dr Oz has recently written an article that explains the many health related benefits of owning a pet.

Sierra Learns a New Game

Sierra was just adopted from the Bow Valley SPCA.  We told her new owners about her accomplishments with respect to solving "Brain Games" (of course she has many other accomplishments as well).  They bought a Brain Game made by one of our volunteers (Susan Flaherty) and  were so pleased with it t

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Our Web Site--not just a pretty face

Our new web site has been designed by Blue Hut Technology through the generous funding support from The Calgary Foundation.  There is a lot to like about this from the user's viewpoint and even more to like from the view of site maintenence and updates (it is built to allow changes through simple

Brain Games For Dogs – For Sale – all proceeds to go to BVSPCA

Problem solving or brain games are not only fun to play with and for your dog.  They also assist your dog to focus, pay attention and listen.  Time spent teaching and then playing this game is great relationship building and brain training.

Jester Stars at Alpine Helicopter Open House

Alpine Helicopter recently had an open house and one of our volunteers (Natasha) decided to take Jester along to meet some new people and show off what a great dog he is.  Here is Natasha's report.

Jester was a star!  Of course!   

Brain Games at the Centre

At the Bow Valley SPCA we try to keep the dogs stimulated and mentally alert.

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Matchmaking at the Bow Valley SPCA

Missy was surrendered to the Bow Valley SPCA about a month ago. Her owner had passed away and the family didn’t want her. She is a lovely long haired cat about 5 yrs old. Her colors look just like a cappuccino! She has a very sweet, gentle, and soft personality.

Bow Valley SPCA Wins One of Six Awards from Humane Society International Canada

HSI/Canada has awarded the Bow Valley SPCA an award of $3000 for our efforts to protect stray and abandoned dogs and cats in the Bow Valley and beyond. The basis for the award was:

Have a Party--Help the SPCA and Recycle Loose Change

What a great idea!  Recently a donor came to the front desk at teh Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre with a "bucket" full of coins and a few $5 bills.  She had invited a few friends over for a small get together and asked them to bring their spare change.  She had the bucket with images of do

SNAP--Spay Neuter Program for Qualified Families in the Bow Valley

The Bow valley SPCA subsidizes the costs of spaying or neutering dogs and cats in the Bow Valley.  Applications can be picked up at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre (home of the Bow Valley SPCA) located at 123 Bow meadows Crescent in Canmore, Alberta, or downloaded as PDF documents (attached to this news item).

"Cat Woman" is Volunteer of the Year

Paul Turner, president of the Bow Valley SPCA, presented a gift certificate, donated by the Banff Caribou Keg, for dinner at their restaurant and a Certificate of Appreciation to Linda Stenger for her outstanding  dedication and work for the Bow Valley SPCA.

Dogs Models Do Own Fashion Show--at the Bow Valley SPCA

The dogs living at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre were just a little annoyed and hurt that they could not participate in the Human Fashion Show on November 25. Never mind the fact that they were nervous about big crowds and loud music.

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