Shasta--In The Pink

Shasta has some new togs.Her potential new forever family is head over heels in love with this fine girl.  They come every day to take her for a walk while they are waiting for their new home to be available.  Because she is so polite and lady like, they felt she should have "gear" that shows tha

Baby Bear now Takoda Update

An email message to the Bow Valley SPCA

Jake Branson is Volunteer of the Year

Paul Turner, president of the Bow Valley SPCA, presented Jake Branson with the Bow Valley SPCA’s 2012 Volunteer of the Year Certificate of Appreciation.  The Wood restaurant in Canmore generously gifted a gift certificate in recognition of his outstanding dedication.

Canmore Rotary Club Donates to Bow Valley SPCA

The Canmore Rotary Club presented the Bow Valley SPCA with a cheque to help off-set the cost of the annual Bow Valley SPCA calendar.  The Canmore Rotary contributes to many local causes and we are honoured to be one of the recipients of their support.  Without the support of local businesses and

Indy Gets Adopted

Indy is a beautiful tortoiseshell who was surrendered to the Bow Valley SPCA in July 2011. She has a lovely personality and had lived in a home, with another cat, for all of her life. We found her to be gentle, healthy, and happy. The only thing holding her back from adoption was her age.

Faith and Roscoe Romp

Roscoe (the brown dog) is a big 9 month old pup.  Faith (the black with a little white) is about 18 months.  They are room mates at our centre and obviously they enjoy each others company when they get a chance to play outside.  Just AFTER the video stopped, they decided to play tug with one stic

Sierra Shows her Stuff!

We knew she was a good girl when we had her in our care, but this image shows how much a loving family can add to the quality of a dog's life.

Christmas Donations for the Abandoned Cats and Dogs of the Bow Valley

The orphaned cats and dogs of the Bow Valley SPCA are happily enjoying this Christmas season thanks to the generosity and kindness of the Bow Valley community!

December Appeal for Support

The Bow Valley SPCA proudly serves the communities of Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise and Kananaskis as well as the surrounding parks and smaller municipalities.

Live Auction Part 1--Kiwi's Portrait

For the first time in our 3 year history of the Fashion Show, we had a live auction.

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More Fashion Show News--Sexy Men at Work Video

The Dancing Doctors from the first two years have been replaced with "Sexy Men at Work".  But don't worry, the doctors are still involved in this take off of Gangnam Style.

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Fashion Show Images

Ever wonder what the place looks like before all of the guests arrive?

Shasta Makes her Debut

Paul Turner presents Shasta at the Bow Meow Fashion Show held on November 30, 2012.  he explains about the Bow Valley SPCA being a no kill, no cage adoption centre, the first of its kind in Canada and a few of the successes.  He then presents Shasta, who has been with us for 2 years and is now wa

Local art students capture essence of rescued dogs and cats

Four students at Canmore Collegiate High School took the challenge of their Art teacher Shannon Amey to create painted images of 2 dogs and 2 cats that were waiting for their forever families to find them.  Using tonal values plus a red background they created almost spooky likenesses of the 2 do

A Cat Nap

Note from Sonya White, Adoption Centre Manager:

Black Friday--Good News for Bow Valley SPCA Kittens

All kittens Elmo, Aztec, Tattoo and Sam were happily adopted at noon on their first day available for adoption. We had people lining up at the gate at 10:30 am to be first in line to get the pick of the litter. Elmo and Aztec went to the same home.

Update on Morley

Here’s a nice update from Morley’s family. For those of you who didn’t know her, she was a Morley dog who arrived in need of eye surgery to remove a badly injured eye.  She was adopted a few years ago now.
Sent: Friday, November 16, 2012 12:41 PM

CJ (now Taj) Gets a New Life

CJ was seized from a trailer outside of Calgary where a woman was hoarding 40 cats. CJ was skinny, completely bald from stress licking, and needed major dental surgery. I call this a major success story! I’m so happy for CJ.
Sonya White, Adoption Centre Manager

Shasta's Big Outing

Shasta went for a 4 day stay with Susan, one of our volunteers.  Susan and Shasta had a great time She got some great photos and some nice video of Shasta.  Here is Shasta's Report:

Lola: Look at her now

This is a dog we took from Golden because the neighbor was threatening to shoot her for chasing his calves.  But, look at her now!

Email from her ownrers:

Meeting with The Calgary Foundation

The Calgary Foundation asked us to give a verbal report on our new website – which they funded. We were so pleased to be able to report the success of our new site. We believe they were pleased to have funded such a successful project.

Frank Sojonky Died Peacefully on October 15, 2012

Frank Sojonky who loved dogs, and with his wife Carla contributed several hundred thouand dollars toward the construction of the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre, home of the Bow Valley SPCA, died this week.  He was 84.  Frank was a successful businessman, but more important to many of the p

Clicker Training - Loose Leash Walking--Part 2

It was cold and snowy when more than a half dozen volunteers showed up for the second part of the clicker training class.   The challenge was to work with dogs currently living at the Centre and to begin the process of teaching them "loose leash walking".  By the end of about 40 minutes all of th

The Power of a Promise

Susan Crawford, one of the partners at The Promise ( has just published an article in CitizenPet that captures the essence of why pets are so important in our lives.  Heffy

Briar and Aura Get a Drink

Briar the mom, decides to get a drink, and Aura, the pup, just has to do the same.  Briar and Aura are at the Bow Valley SPCA because Briar was found as an abandoned dog by Canmore By-law.

Blessing of Animals at St. Michaels in Canmore

Rev. Betty Piwowar conducted a Blessing of the Animals on October 13 at St. Michaels in Canmore.  More than 25 dogs and one cat attended.  In addition, there was a memorial which featured lighting a candle for pets that have died.  As the images demonstrate, it was a happy event.

4 week rescued kittens chow down

Three 4 week kittens were found motherless in a barn near Canmore, Alberta.  A kind soul brought them to the Bow Valley SPCA and we are now nursing and caring for them.  Lauren Laming captured the action on her iPhone.  These guys are waaaay too cute!

Stray Pregnant Mom Finds Refuge for Herself and Her Pup

Briar, the mom was found by Canmore by-law.  She was very close to term and we took her to the vet clinic where she had her single pup--Aura.  The mom and pup are doing well and are so amazingly well socialized that it is hard to believe.  It will be a while before they are available for adoption

Blessing of the Animals--St George's in the Pines

Reverend George Belcher at St George's in the Pines, in Banff gave his annual Blessing of the Animals on October 7.  The first blessing was bestowed on a beautiful horse that is very familiar to anyone who visits the townsite.  Next in line was a small yellow bird that sang along with all of the

Banff Off-Leash Dog Park Offically Opens

Grant Canning, Banff Town Councilor, conducted the ceremony for the offical opening of Banff's off leash dog park.