Last Minute Donations and Pledges Take Mut Strut over $17,000

We spoke too soon when we said we raised over $15,000 from the 2013 Mut Strut.  The implication was that it was just over that mark.  In this case we were premature--but in a good way.  We Actually raised over $17,000 for the dogs and cats of the Bow Valley SPCA  Actually the amount was $17,362. 

Mut Strut 2013--a decided success

More than 60 people and just under 30 dogs turned out for the 2013 Mut Strut sponsored by the Bow Valley SPCA.  The participants asked friends and neighbors and family to sponsor them for the walk and raised over $15,000.  All of the money will be used for the care of the dogs (and, yes, cats) at

“Marcus” Director of Pet Relations The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise to Attend 2013 Mut Strut

Marcus (Mark to his friends) was born on January 9th, 2009.  His calm demeanor and friendly nature not only made him a wonderful companion dog; these qualities were also exactly what the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind were looking for in a “seeing eye dog”.  Unfortunately, Mark was a little to

Help the SPCA raise $1000

Afraid to commit?  Would you like to walk in the 2013 Mut Strut, but fear the prospect of raising funds from sponsors?  A supporter of the Bow Valley SPCA has agreed to sponsor the next 10 people who register for $100 each--meaning that the Bow Valley SPCA will receive a total of $1000 in additio

Kids Camp and the Bow Valley SPCA--2013 version

Sonya White (Bow Valley SPCA Adoption Centre Manager) and her kid friendly doggy crew Maddie, Teddie and Lux spent a fun filled hour at Banff Elementary with the Summer Fun pre-schoolers.  The children learned about the SPCA and the responsibility of adopting a dog or cat.  The highlight of the a

Kids Camp Afternoon at the Bow Valley SPCA

On the afternoon of July 22/13 a Day Camp, with Banff Summer Fun Programming for Kids, was held at The Bow Valley SPCA.

Ten kids and two counsellors attended with kids ranging from Grade Seven to Ten.

Picture Update--Belle continues to prosper

As many supporters of the Bow Valley SPCA know, Belle is a 120 pound Bull Mastiff that we had in our care for almost 3 years.  She was found by Banff By-Law and given to our care.  She was extremely aggressive toward other dogs but was as "sweet as pie" toward people, especially kids.  Our staff

Mut Strut Scheduled for September 14

Join us for the BOW VALLEY MUT STRUT Walk-A-Thon on SEPTEMBER 14 and help us raise funds for the Bow Valley SPCA.

Tyler and McKoy

The Bow Valley SPCA volunteers participated in Banff's Canada Day activities this year.  The park next to the high school was opened for families and dogs all afternoon, prior to the parade.  We sold hot dogs as a fund raiser.

Canada Day in Banff

Volunteers from the Bow Valley SPCA helped the Town of Banff try something new this year.  The field next to the high school was transformed into a giant playground for people  and dogs during the afternoon--before the parade.  The Bow Valley SPCA sold hot dogs, chips and sodas as a fundraiser. 

Bow Valley SPCA Adoption Fees Waived for Month of July

In recognition of the outstanding efforts of the community during the flooding and the response of the Bow Valley SPCA to animals in need, a local resident will be paying all adoption fees for the month of July.

Banff Elementary School--the kids know the answer!

On May 30th, Banff Elementary school had a talent show with students, parents, teachers and administrators. The three grade 6 MC's started the show off with a quick overview about love, the theme for the talent show.

A Recent Email (and maybe a letter to the editor)

To: Sonya White SPCA
Subject: May be of interest to your readers

I hope  you don't mind, I sent this to the leader and the outlook I was just so inspired by you guys I want canmore to know about you
and I'm sure they have already written about you...

Bow Valley SPCA Volunteers and Staff Are More Than a Match for Canmore's Worst Flood This Century (and maybe last century)

More than 8000 people saw this post on our Facebook page, with more than 225 likes.  This kind of community support is essential to our ability to provide the care these abandoned animals deserve.

A New Record for the Bow Valley SPCA

Today was a really exciting day for me! Today, I adopted my 10th pet from the Bow Valley SPCA!  You see,  for me, being the Adoption Centre Manager is something I truly take to heart and to my home!

Education Action

This past Monday I had a super time delivering the Bow Valley SPCA’s “ Pet Care” presentation to Mrs. Mc Kenzie and Mrs.

Pet of the Week--April 22, 2013

I first was introduced to Bismark, a two year-old husky cross, approximately three months ago. I remember, I was doing my rounds; feeding all of the other dogs their breakfast and administering medications, when I heard him calling to me from the isolation wing.

Amber Finds a Home--after 2 years of waiting for her forever family to find her

April 19 was a very exciting day for all of our cat friends at the BVSPCA! The cat who has been waiting the longest to be adopted has found her forever home! Amber was in our Centre for just over two years.

Cat Love 2013

Anyone who works, or volunteers, in an animal shelter will tell you that kittens and young adult cats get adopted in a heartbeat. That is good news for the younger generation of kitties, but what happens to all the great cats over the age of 5 years?

New Pup at Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

Have you ever thought what it might be like to have a wolf for a pet? What about a wolfdog (a pet that is part dog and part wolf)?

Pick of the Week--April15, 2013

My pick is Casey.  He is very affectionate and has a great personality.  He will be a loving companion.  His diabetes is easy to manage and he takes his needles like a champ. And he has the most incredible purr. It warms your heart.


On Having Faith

Faith was transferred to us at the end of December 2012 from Calgary Animal Services. They had her in their care for several months and were unsuccessful at placing her in a home. They wanted to transfer her to our Centre because Faith is a high energy dog who needs room to play and exercise.

Pet Pick of the Week--April 8, 2013

My pet pick of the week was inspired by an accidental lock in with one of our long-term dogs last week! Shannon has been at our centre since June last year and can't wait to meet her forever family.

Get Your Pet in the 2014 Calendar

It is time for you to get a picture of your pet into the beautiful 2014 Bow Valley SPCA calendar.  For only $10 (all proceeds go toward the care of the dogs and cats at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre), you can have your pet's picture shown on a date of your choosing.  Some dates may be

Pick of the Week--March 25, 2013

One of the things I love about cats is that they never lie! If you get on their nerves, they’ll let you know!  This is one of the many endearing qualities of our little friend Amber! Amber is approx seven years old and she has been waiting for her forever family for two years!

Cover Contest for 2014 Calendar

Judging for the Calendar Cover for the 2014 calendar will be occurring on May 16.

Who says cats are not sociable?

The five cats featured in this video were housed in a rabbit hutch for the first several years of theirlives.  As you will see, these cats crave human contact and are extremely friendly to each other.

1 video(s)

Mila: A perfect Example of Trusting the Process

Mila is the perfect example of trusting that there is a family out there for every dog or cat we rescue.  Sometimes we worry, but so far (5.5 years of operations), the right person/family comes along and the magical connection occurs (or something like that).

Shasta--In The Pink

Shasta has some new togs.Her potential new forever family is head over heels in love with this fine girl.  They come every day to take her for a walk while they are waiting for their new home to be available.  Because she is so polite and lady like, they felt she should have "gear" that shows tha