Lady--what a story!

December 5th, 2009 was the day we officially adopted Lady. We like to joke that she was a rePET(repeat) offender, as when we first saw her, it was her second time at the Bow Valley SPCA.

Family Life: add one kitten and...

Introducing to the world our fur babies Licorice (black cat) and Chantilly (white cat).

A Great Surprise Visit

Sonya White, Adoption Centre Manager, sent this note:  "I was in a meeting in the Board Room when the front door opened and a friendly looking dog walked in.

Tia: The Princess

I had always considered having a dog, but my lifestyle of leisure and travel didn't allow me the time needed to give to such an animal. For years I thought about it - what breed I would want and how I would never let it sleep on my bed (ya, right...)

Forest the Raven Hound Finds His Forever Family

Little did we know when we visited the Bow Valley SPCA in the summer of 2010 what a difference a dog would make.


The Story of Links:

Our family adopted Links on June 27th, 2009, when he was approximately one year old. While the details of Link’s life in his first year are not known, what is known paints a very difficult picture.

First Aid For Pets at Bow Valley SPCA

Bow Valley SPCA staff participated in a day long course, "Certified, Walk N Wags Pet First Aid".  It was presented by Jess Eustace from Adventure Tails, located in Canmore.  Besides the stuffed toys which were used for the initial practice, Lux (brown husky cross), Maddie (Pug) and Pepper (black

Bow Valley SPCA in the Classroom

On January 14 Bow Valley,SPCA Education Committee and Cedar, a 6 year old Purebred German Shepherd, who wasadopted from the Bow Valley SPCA, paid a  visit to Ms Joan Rose’s Grade 2 class. This class learned about the Bow Valley SPCA Yellow Dog Project.  

Family Day Weekend--focus on WE

Take a break from your iPhone, iPad and Selfies to appreciate the WE in our lives.

Bow Valley SPCA Participates in 5th Annual Festival of Trees

Dr. Jonathan Bagley poses with Bow Valley SPCA volunteers  Roberta Richardson and Dawna Evans at the  Sponsorship  Luncheon on December 5, for the 5th Annual Festival of Trees.

ATB Matches Donations to Bow Valley SPCA

ATB Cares will match every donation to the Bow Valley SPCA (and other Alberta based charities) by adding 15% to the donation.  The only requirement is that the donation be made through ATB Cares.  This link provides direct access to the Bow Valley SPCA on thier web site (

This Christmas - consider a gift to the Bow Valley SPCA in the name of someone you love...

Visit where you can create your own gift card from a selection of Bow Valley SPCA photos of cats and dogs that have been saved. This past season has been busy at the Bow Valley SPCA.

1000th Adoption

We just adopted the 1000th animal today (November 28, 2014).  Her name is Sandy and as you can see she is a cutie.  We opened on June 2, 2007 and the first adoption from our centre was Creed, who was adopted by Pam Doyle (a well know photographer in the Bow Valley) and goes pretty much everywhere

Skijouring Equipment Available for a Donation

We currently have harnesses (both human and dog) as well as tethers that act like bungy cords to connect the human to the dog.  Skijouring or hands free running with your dog rquires specialized equipment.

Raffle Winner (Hand Made Necklace from Susan Kun) Accepts Prize

Mr. John White of  Regina, Saskatchewan was the lucky winner of a hand made necklace generously donated to the Bow Valley SPCA For Life Campaign by local award winning goldsmith Susan Kun.

Volunteer Appreciation Gathering at Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre

Volunteers of the Bow Valley SPCA gathered at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre for snacks and refreshments and, of course, to talk about the dogs and cats at the Centre.  The gathering was a token acknowledgement of the thousands of hours volunteers spend every year caring for the animal

Rocky Mountain Mut Strut and Run

The Rocky Mountain Mut Strut and Run was an amazing success.  The event raised over $16,000 and attracted dozens of participants and almost 100 sponsors.

Look for SPCA Booth Mountain Family Festival

The Mountain Family Festival runs from 11 AM to 4 PM on Saturday Sept 20, 2014.   The Bow Valley SPCA will have a booth, and we will be launching Yellow Dog Project.   Children stories will be read on the hour.  Learn more about dog manners.

2 Tennis Balls?

If you can't take part in the Mut Strut, donate to keep Tocher in tennis balls.

Fund Raising Challenge

Carla Cumming Sojonky, yes the very same person our Adoption Centre is named after, will match each of the next next 10 pledges for the Rocky Mountain Mut Strut and Run that are $100 or more with an additional $100.

Bow Valley SPCA Fashion Show: 2014--Reel Dancers

Part of the entertainment at the 2014 Bow Valley SPCA Fashion Show.

Bow Valley SPCA Fashion Show: 2014--The Bay Part 2

Models show off the clothes for Summer 2014 from The Bay.

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Bow Valley SPCA Fashion Show: 2014--VIDA Part 2

Models show off the clothes for Summer 2014 from VIDA.

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Bow Valley SPCA Fashion Show: 2014--Open Country

Models show off the clothes for Summer 2014 from Open Country

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Kids Contribute to Bow Valley SPCA

Naashkii Soler, 8, holds Maddie, a pug, as she stands with her teacher Joan Rose's Eiizabeth Rummel School Grades 2 and 3 French Immersion class at the Bow Valley SPCA on Thursday.