Young Animal Advocate Raises Funds for Bow Vally SPCA

Charly Garrow, an 11 year old from Banff, raised almost $300 to help the orphaned cats and dogs at The Bow Valley SPCA! She put out donation jars and collected bottles and kindly donated all the money she raised. We are grateful for her support!

Charly came up with the unique idea that she would like the money to go towards transporting animals in need  to The Bow Valley SPCA because we are a No-Kill shelter. Her idea was right on- because transportation is one of our expenses. We bring animals in from other rescues from all over the world. We make monthly trips to Calgary to pick up cats from rescues in the Taber/Lethbridge area. We have greeted new arrivals at the airport from The North West Territories and Thailand.  The cost of gas and flights all adds up! But, saving the animals lives and giving them a chance to find the loving families they deserve makes it all worthwhile.

Charly is getting some cuddles from a litter of kittens we recently received from Lethbridge, AB.

Thank you so much Charly!