Tyler and McKoy

The Bow Valley SPCA volunteers participated in Banff's Canada Day activities this year.  The park next to the high school was opened for families and dogs all afternoon, prior to the parade.  We sold hot dogs as a fund raiser.

The most interesting person who attended was Tyler with his Great Dane McKoy, visiting from Winnipeg.  Tyler is a paraplegic who lost the use of his lower limbs 18 years ago.  About two years ago he started preparing for a dog to come and live with him.  He did his research and figured out that, as a breed, Great Danes would be ideally suited to his situation.  McKoy came to live with him, after he prepared his house so that it could be comfortably shared with a 200 pound dog.  McKoy is about 130 pounds, but he is only 14 months old and will gain a couple of more inches in height and about 70 more pounds in weight.

When asked about daily walks and exercise, Tyler gave us a quick demo with McKoy happily trotting beside the chair which can negotiate almost any terrain.

We love dogs and we love people who prepare their environment to make the relationship work.  Tyler and McKoy are an inspiration for all of us.