Trooper visits the Grage 6 Girls Club in Banff

Thursday March 23 the Girls Club, Grade 6 at Banff Elementary School had a special visitor at noon hour.  Trooper a five month old Pomeranian, Shih Tzu (Shiranian) X female puppy visited the Girls Club.  This active, fun loving puppy received much love, attention and respect from these caring girls.   The Girls Club is working with BVSPCA Educators learning Pet Responsibility, Kindness and Human Treatment and will teach younger students their new found knowledge.  
Trooper a model student herself is  learning socialization and together she and  the girls learned: How to Survive Puppy Teething and Nipping 
A big thanks to Trooper's pet companions, Sabrina and Tyler for bringing and sharing their  puppy and time off with the Grade 6 Girls Club.  Trooper is lucky to be in a home that is providing her with the  training and support puppies need to be confident and comfortable in many different environments.
Trooper will visit the Girls Club on a regular basis to teach the different developmental stages of puppy-hood.