A Recent Email (and maybe a letter to the editor)

To: Sonya White SPCA
Subject: May be of interest to your readers

I hope  you don't mind, I sent this to the leader and the outlook I was just so inspired by you guys I want canmore to know about you
and I'm sure they have already written about you...

Dear Editor,
I recently taught and Animal Communication workshop at your Bow Valley SPCA. I was so impressed by the facility and the staff I was moved to write your paper.

I am assuming you have written them up in the paper before but if not I wanted to let you know you have a real gem there that I hope the Canmore people know about.

The facility itself is very progressive and I am guessing may people are not aware it is a no kill facility.

I was most impressed with the staff and volunteers that are working there. They are dedicated, compassionate and open minded. Thanks to the manager, Sonya White, who hosted the workshop, the students in the workshop were able to gather much needed information to support the transition of many animals in the shelter.

I hope you choose to bring awareness to this local treasure and in that support the potential adoption of animals there.

Thank you for your time I am happy to comment if you decide to go ahead with anything.

Heather Faris
BodyMind Therapist
Animal Communicator