Puppy Class for 6-9 Month Old Pups

On Saturday May 13, 2017, Bow Valley SPCA hosted the third puppy class for 6-9 month old pups.   These pups were introduced to Agility by Frans Baars  from On the Trail; who specializes in leadership development, dog sports, and  search & rescue.


Learning to always have your dog sit to wait  for instruction and cues  was an exercise for the pet companions. A  dog in a sit position cannot jump or lunge.  The pups  presented their  best  manners and enjoyed the challenge.  Ending a training session on a positive fun note is a great way to bond with your pup.


To learn more about Agility class or Tracking  go to www.onthetrail.ca.   For puppy classes contact Alex @ (403) 609-2022.