Puppy Class

The Bow Valley SPCA and The Bow River Vet Centre are working together to help puppy owners develop a lasting bond with their newest furry family members through positive socialization and basic training.

Adoption Centre Manager, Sonya White, coaches a free weekly drop in puppy socialization class at the Bow River Vet Centre on Monday evenings from 6-7pm. This is an informal class for puppies 8 weeks-5 months of age. It is the perfect place to start socializing your puppy to the vet clinic, to strangers, and to other dogs. This is the critical age for puppies to learn positive associations with their world. The class is focused on play, with lots of positive reinforcement, and a few games thrown in to keep them busy! Nothing teaches a puppy great social skills like another puppy. And remember, a tired puppy is a happy puppy!

Once your puppy has graduated socialization class and is 6-9 months old-they are ready to move on to a more structured basic obedience class. This class will start in April and will be a registered 6 week course taught at the Bow Valley SPCA by Animal Care Attendant Alexandra Klepper. Keep an eye on our social media for class dates and times to be announced. The class will be $90 for six classes and all proceeds will go to support the orphaned cats and dogs at the Bow Valley SPCA. We are so excited to participate in helping our community raise confident, happy, well-socialized pups!