Picture Update--Belle continues to prosper

As many supporters of the Bow Valley SPCA know, Belle is a 120 pound Bull Mastiff that we had in our care for almost 3 years.  She was found by Banff By-Law and given to our care.  She was extremely aggressive toward other dogs but was as "sweet as pie" toward people, especially kids.  Our staff and volunteers worked with her for hundreds of hours (maybe even thousands) and she eventually became accustomed to being around other dogs.  She was eventaully adopted through Bull Mastiff Rescue in the USA. (They thought she was a woonderfully well behaved dog and believed they would adopt her to an expereinced person with little or no difficulty).

Enter Kirk.  She has been with him for three plus years and is doing beautifully. He sent a few picts and this message.

Belle and I are doing fine, I will send more pictures at a later date.
Take care,
Kirk & Belle