Pet of the Week--April 22, 2013

I first was introduced to Bismark, a two year-old husky cross, approximately three months ago. I remember, I was doing my rounds; feeding all of the other dogs their breakfast and administering medications, when I heard him calling to me from the isolation wing. He sounded hungry of course, but I think what he mostly craved was some attention. We’d never met, yet when I came around the corner I could see him bouncing, as if on springs; his head flickered in and out of sight as he leaped straight up and down to get a glimpse of me through the window and his tail wagged incessantly as he occasionally bent down to smell me through the door. He was smiling from ear to ear when I entered the room and instead of going after his food, he came straight for me! He practically bowled me over with affection and after he finally calmed down enough to eat his breakfast, his big brown eyes returned to me as he came in for extra cuddles and a little kiss. The entertainment continued throughout the day when we went for our first walk together; though he was very attentive and responsive to my cues on-leash, I could tell that he was just itching to play in the freshly fallen the snow. So he did, for what seemed like forever!

Needless to say, this handsome boy had me from day one. It was very clear from the beginning that it wouldn’t take long for this Texan-born pup to assimilate to life in the Rocky Mountains. He is a very intelligent and intuitive dog who shines bright in the present of others who are similarly social and confident. He loves to run and play outdoors and with a little training, I think he would be a prime agility candiate. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or relaxing at home, this free spirited dog would surely compliment any active family in Canmore and beyond. Be sure to visit us at the Bow Valley SPCA to hear Bismark’s full story and find out why he would be the perfect addition to your family!