Pet Pick of the Week--April 8, 2013

My pet pick of the week was inspired by an accidental lock in with one of our long-term dogs last week! Shannon has been at our centre since June last year and can't wait to meet her forever family. When I first met her, I was amazed that she hadn't been snapped up as her gentle nature is immediately lovable. And her speed outside! Shannon sure loves her exercise so would fit in perfectly with active people, but she is quite content passing away a few hours gnawing on a bone too. 
Volunteers and staff all give Shannon as much time as possible and have been recently concentrating on improving Shannon's social skills with other dogs. She now walks side by side with her neighbour Faith, a huge improvement from previous attempts at introductions, which just goes to show that putting time in to training gives results. After one of these joint-walks, I managed to leave my key outside while putting Shannon back in her room. And of course I had chosen to do this at a time that Sonya was out running errands. So Shannon and I spent 30 minutes just hanging out on her floor having a cuddle, me tickling her tummy and her showing me all of her toys and bones. I decided then that this sweet girl needs more help to get adopted so she can have time devoted every day just to hanging out with her. The happiness, love and good behaviour she shows consistently is well worth a position in any home wanting a loyal and affectionate pet :)