A New Record for the Bow Valley SPCA

Today was a really exciting day for me! Today, I adopted my 10th pet from the Bow Valley SPCA!  You see,  for me, being the Adoption Centre Manager is something I truly take to heart and to my home!
Since 2007, I have been so fortunate to work with the staff and volunteers of the BVSPCA. The dedication, commitment, love, and kindness shown to the animals is like nothing I have ever seen before. We all  embody the No-Kill mission.
When it comes to personal achievements, though, my best decisions in life have been to adopt:
1.       Bear-adopted May 12, 2008
2.       Noel-adopted October 16, 2008 (passed February 2009)
3.       Rocky-adopted February 4, 2009 (passed August 2011)
4.       Harley-adopted August 25, 2010 (passed October 2012)
5.       Juice-adopted August 24, 2011
6.       Rosie-adopted October 20, 2011
7.       Max-adopted May 2, 2012 (passed December 2012)
8.       Maddie-adopted August 1, 2012
9.       Lux-adopted March 20, 2013
10.     Jazz-adopted May 1, 2013
I think this quote will resonate with many of you in our animal loving community-they are words I live by,
“I am an animal rescuer. My work is never done, my home is never quiet, my wallet is always empty-but my heart is always full”.
Sonya White,  Adoption Centre Manager

Bow Valley SPCA