National Volunteer Week 2017: Profiling Kayla and Kate

National Volunteer Week 2017 continues!

In this picture Kayla and Kate are hard at work keeping the places we walk our dogs free of litter - making life better for animals and the community.

Why did they get involved and keep helping?

Kayla answers: "I started volunteering 2 years ago because I love dogs and simply wanted to spend time with them. I continue because of the love they give back and the passion and friendship of all of the other volunteers at the SPCA."

Kate says: "Honestly, it comes down to a love of animals. I love the "no cage, no kill" philosophy and what that actually means for the residents at the SPCA. Most shelters would have given up on a lot of the animals housed at the centre, but through patience and persistence those dogs and cats find homes and live happy, healthy lives. I like to be a part of that. There's nothing more exciting than seeing a long term resident get adopted. Emotions run high but everyone can see how happy the animal is to finally go home."