National Volunteer Week 2017: Profiling Jean and James

This week is National Volunteer Week and the Bow Valley SPCA is so thankful for the wonderful things our volunteers do and the incredible difference they make in the lives of our animals.
Here is a picture of our volunteers Jean and James with our amazing dog Dooby.

We asked them about why they started volunteering with the Bow Valley SPCA and what keeps them coming back.

Jean writes: “I enjoy walking the dogs and spending time with them. It helps them, it gets me outside, and they give so much love and acceptance; I wish we could all be more like them! It’s a reward when they find a good home.”

James tells us: “After hearing the SPCA ad for volunteers on the radio, my decision to volunteer at the Bow Valley SPCA was inspired by the loving, long-term relationship I had with my dog, Maggie. Separated by life changes and a significant distance, I chose to honor that amazing relationship by assisting rescue animals in my new home in the Rocky Mountains. Through developing supportive relationships with SPCA dogs, I have found a way to express joy and meaning as I help our shelter dogs adjust, evolve, thrive, and eventually find new homes. Over the last year I have seen many successful adoptions of dogs that I was involved with, where they became part of a caring family.

What keeps me volunteering is the understanding that every dog's chances of adoption is increased through positive attention and consistency. I love dogs, and being around other like-minded animal lovers, and hope to become more involved in dog training this year. When you volunteer, you commit yourself to a much higher purpose of watching out for animals who need support, love, and kindness. We are their advocates, their caregivers. There is no finer role...”