Making a Difference at Age 6

Wanting to make a difference started at 6 years of age for Annabel.  She came to the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre, home of the Bow Valley SPCA and dropped off a donation to help the dogs and cats at the centre.  Here is what her mom told us.

“Our family had a cat, Mercy, that we'd rescued from the SPCA in 2009, but she passed away in 2014. Since then, we've not had a pet, but Annabel is very fond of her grandma's dogs. Over the past year she mentioned several times that animal rescue and looking after animals were important to her and she wanted to be able to help. When it came to writing her letter to Santa, Annabel decided that there were 3 things, she'd really like for Christmas; a baby doll, tickets to Calaway Park, and to make a donation to the SPCA to help take care of the cats and dogs. Annabel wrote about this in her letter to Santa and on Christmas morning Santa had left a letter for Annabel commending her on making a generous and responsible request along with $20 for her to donate to the SPCA.”