Lawrence Grassi Grade 4 Students --Journey of Stray Animals

The Grade 4 class at LGMS learned the challenges of stray animals on their journey upon arriving at Bow Valley SPCA.   Educators from Bow Valley SPCA visited the student’s classroom sharing the scenario, stories and challenges these animals endured. Students learned howpet responsibility, humane treatment, andshowing kindness could have prevented many of these scenarios.  The student’s project was to write his or her own story of a real or fictitious animal (see Cora's Story, attached).

Bow Valley SPCA educators returned to the classroom to listen to the stories presented by each student.  This respectful and caring class has been invited to the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre for a tour and meet our resident animals in December.   Learning more about our centre, students will be equipped to share messaging they have learned, and be a voice for the animals.  


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