Kids Camp Afternoon at the Bow Valley SPCA

On the afternoon of July 22/13 a Day Camp, with Banff Summer Fun Programming for Kids, was held at The Bow Valley SPCA.

Ten kids and two counsellors attended with kids ranging from Grade Seven to Ten.

A tour of the facility started the afternoon with Level One of Open Paws, a training program offered to volunteers that would like to work with dogs.  

Level One is the foundation for socializing and forming a positive association between our canines and people visiting our facility.  

Our cats enjoyed visitors to their chalets and all the attention they received.

We explored ideas for recreation with your dog in The Bow Valley while keeping safety in mind.  Hiking, jogging, swimming and Fresbee being a few ideas.

We discussed safety as far as having lots of water for dogs and not leaving a dog in the car in the summer, life jackets, seat belts.   Also we discussed dogs paws on hot pavement and Wild Life precautions in the Bow Valley.

Volunteer and Animal Care Attendant Devin and volunteer Artek brought their dog Kahn for an Agility presentation.  Kahn has a huge presence and docile personality.   He was put through tunnel, bridge, A-frame, jumps  by anyone who wanted to give agility a try.   What a trooper.

We ended the afternoon with a sketching class lead by Lauren Mikois a recent Grad from Alberta Colliege of Art.  The participants created many sketches of the cats. 

Sonya White, Adoption Centre Manager, asked the participants if they would they like to choose a name for a dog that was coming to the centre later that day.   The kids felt very honored and excited. The name chosen was Jamanji.  

Check our web-site for to see what Jamanji looks like (hint he is very handsome).