Jake meets Grade 3 Students

Jake the newest member of the Bow Valley SPCA Education Team had his first assignment.  Jake a 6-year-old Shepherd Cross was orientated to his new role of Education K-9, by theGrade 3 students at Exshaw School.   Jake was welcomed as students heard his story of his rescue and adoption as a puppy, and his journey to his new forever home.

Jake arrived at Bow Valley SPCA as a puppy, with his Mother and sibling.   He and his sibling were both adopted going to separate homes.

When Jake was 3 years old, the dynamics in his household changed, and his family felt he did not fit with the family dynamics and was surrendered.   Jake started out being fostered in a new home but then very quickly became a part of that family.   Cassie his new pet companion knew the family had a challenge on their hands. Jake was scared of most people, loud noises as well as reactive towards other canines.    

Cassie, his new pet companion trained Jake in a positive approach, which is obvious when you see Jake and Cassie. He is in tune withCassie and the strong connection is special, as well as the love he has for her family. 

He is in a loving home in Canmore, Cassis has trained this once timid dog and is now out in the community and has introduced Jake to Tracking.  Jake has demonstrated his Tracking skills to kids at Bow Valley SPCA.

Exshaw Grade 3 students learned how to choose the right pet for their family.   The importance of socializing a puppy, and not wasting puppyhood.   Students engaged in a discussion on pet responsibility and how to approach a dog safely.