Holiday Cheer

An email from Rambo and his new family:

Hey Everyone!

It's been awhile since our last Rambo pup-date. Rambo has become a normal part of our daily lives here that time has just charged on! He's gotten better in every way. We no longer have an issue with him jumping on our bed or furniture. We have started to invite him onto furniture once in awhile and he really enjoys the privilege but no longer has that impulse to insist or act crazy once allowed on. He has an incredible off-leash recall and loves to sit for treats once he runs back. He's met many more people and does well provided he's ignored at first. Marika has had success at the vet (to our surprise) while we've been trying to work out his skin issues. Cats (now plural) are still in a work in progress - we're able to hold them in his presence and he can lie down and watch calmly next to us. Hopefully not too far off from making that happen! He gets to meet new dogs all the time and plays really nice with the younger dogs. It's quiet a treat having him enjoy an off leash walks with 5+ others dogs every other week!

We couldn't be luckier to have found such a wonderful second dog from the bow valley spca :-) We hope that you enjoy the Santa photo below - we're very proud of him showing off his new leave it skills!

Wishing everyone well over the holidays! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year!

- Nathan, Marika,  Rambo,  Ninja &  Marla