On Having Faith

Faith was transferred to us at the end of December 2012 from Calgary Animal Services. They had her in their care for several months and were unsuccessful at placing her in a home. They wanted to transfer her to our Centre because Faith is a high energy dog who needs room to play and exercise. Thanks to our space, and our volunteers, we were able to provide what she needed. They were also concerned that Faith was displaying aggression towards other dogs, this behavior kept her isolated, and decreased her chances of adoption. Again, thanks to our space, staff, and volunteers, we were able to introduce Faith to several dog friends who she could run and play with daily. She also went for long off-site walks with her new friends, and this did wonders at increasing her social skills.

We are happy to report that Faith was adopted yesterday to a wonderful home in Calgary. They have a happy Great Dane cross and they wanted to add a larger playmate to their household! Faith was the perfect match for the dog they were looking for! We were all excited to see our girl find the forever home she deserved!