Education Action

This past Monday I had a super time delivering the Bow Valley SPCA’s “ Pet Care” presentation to Mrs. Mc Kenzie and Mrs. Goodfellow’s kindergarten classes at Our Lady of the Snows Catholic School.  The children enjoyed learning how much care owning a cat, dog or rabbit takes as they chose animal supplies such a pet food, blankets, dog tags etc. out of a bin and had to then decide which type of animal to give it to. 

They were especially animated when asked, “ what is invisible and not in this bin that pets also need?” One kindergarten child shouted out, “LOVE, they need love!”  After the game, we read a story about a dog named Lucky who lives in a shelter and talks about how his life is good while he waits for his forever home. All in all, about 40 students were present.  Mrs. Goodfellow has a rabbit named Chewy in her class so the students get a chance to learn hands on pet care throughout the whole year.

Yvonne Law