Cold Weather Is Dangerous for Pets

As the educational graphic shows, we all need to bundle up when going out in the cold weather.  Short haired and especially small dogs don't tolerate the cold for very long.  Paws get cold very quickly, so consider trying booties on the really cold days.  Jackets for the short haired are a must.


When temperature drops don’t leave pets outdoors. Exposed skin on noses, ears and paw pads can quickly freeze. Don’t leave pets outdoors for long periods. 


If your pet is outdoors a lot, provide dry, draft-free shelter, large enough to lie down in but small enough to hold in its body heat. Raise floor off the ground, cover with cedar shavings or straw. Cover doorway with waterproof burlap or heavy plastic. Use plastic food and water bowls; Pets tongues can stick and freeze to cold metal.

Keeping Warm Depletes Energy —

Do not transport pets in the back of trucks, even in a crate, no matter the temperature; wind-chill can threaten a pet’s life. Pets should always travel inside of a vehicle, safely in a seat belt for dogs/ crate for cats. Warm engines in parked cars attract pets, who may crawl up under the hood. Bang on your car’s hood to scare away hidden animals, to avoid injuring them before starting your engine.

Speak out if you see a pet left in the cold: Contact your local animal control.

Please take care of the WHOLE family when you go out for that winter walk.