Bow Valley SPCA Volunteers and Staff Are More Than a Match for Canmore's Worst Flood This Century (and maybe last century)

More than 8000 people saw this post on our Facebook page, with more than 225 likes.  This kind of community support is essential to our ability to provide the care these abandoned animals deserve.

The Bow Valley SPCA has survived the Great Flood of 2013!!
The animals are safe, and have been tended to by a remarkable volunteer who was evacuated from her own home. She has been camped out at the shelter as our staff have been prevented from accessing the shelter due to the highway and road closures. After being talked through the feeding routine, she then had to be directed how to give insulin shots! We are hoping to get into the shelter today with additional supplies for both the animals and our volunteer. The SPCA has also taken in a few animals that were displaced during the evacuation, and a couple of stray animals that have been found around town. We appreciate the support of our community! Our website is still available to take donations as we try to help the animals in the Bow Valley. A huge thank you to those that have donated this week!