Bow Valley SPCA Participates in Banff Wilderness Care Conference

A well attended Banff Wilderness Care Conference designed for pre-hospital care providers had special guests in attendance at Backcountry Pet First Aid and Safety session.

Shirley and Annie,  resident puppies of Bow Valley SPCA spent time with the generous care givers who donated funds to Bow Valley SPCA.

Bow Valley SPCA Educators covered the importance of choosing the right dog that matches your energy and lifestyle, is well trained, confident, and loves to spend time with you.

Dr. John Williamson from Bow River Veterinary Clinic facilitated the Pet First Aid session and covered, medications, suturing, heat stroke, and wound care.

Kevin Palmer conference Co-Ordinator and Paramedic Banff EMS introduced Shirley and Annie to Lexy, his 9 year old mixed husky, adopted from Bow Valley SPCA at 16 weeks; the same age as Shirley & Annie who are also lab husky crosses.

The informative session ended with  Ed Mrozek Treasurer of BVSPCA, pictured with Dr. John Williamson and Kevin Palmer Co-Ordinator,  receiving the donation on behalf of Bow Valley SPCA.