Bow Valley SPCA Adoption Fees Waived for Month of July

In recognition of the outstanding efforts of the community during the flooding and the response of the Bow Valley SPCA to animals in need, a local resident will be paying all adoption fees for the month of July.

While the dogs and cats in our care have the freedom of living in rooms rather than kennels or cages, and they get hands on attention at least three and as many as ten times a day, it is not the same as living with a family.

We believe this generous donation will encourage potential owners of a cat or dog to become actual owners, benefitting both the adopted dog or cat AND the family who adopts them.

All of our cats and dogs are neutered, vaccinated, tattooed, registered with PetLynx, and receive one free veterinary examination after adoption.  In addition we provide an extensive history of the animal while they were in our care.  All of the dogs are given a behavioural assessment when they come to us and then receive training from our volunteers (unless they are adopted before a volunteer can be assigned); meaning we have good behavioural information about each dog.

If you are thinking about getting a pet, please be sure to visit us at 123 Bow Meadows Crescent in Canmore, Alberta.