Bow River Veterinary Centre’s Annual “Fill a Crate” for the SPCA--5 Years and Counting

The Bow Valley SPCA is so fortunate to live in one of the kindest and most generous of communities. One the ways people in the Bow Valley show their love of animals is through the Bow River Vet Centre’s annual “Fill a Crate” for the SPCA campaign. This campaign was started several years ago when the BRVC staff wanted to do something for the animals at the SPCA. They set up a large dog crate in the clinic’s lobby and invited clients to donate a bag of food to the SPCA.  The response exceeded our expectations! Every year the crate is filled to the brim and then some!  This year it took us two trips and two carloads to haul it all back to the SPCA! This support is greatly appreciated as it provides us with much needed good quality dog and cat food well into the New Year. Thank you so much for helping us keep our animals happy, healthy and loved while they wait for their forever homes!