Bella's Story--spoiler alert--happy ending

This is one of the many stories that makes our hard work here so worthwhile!

Bella is a two year old Miniature Schnauzer/Poodle cross. She was brought to our shelter recently by Conservation officers. They found her out in the open in Kananaskis Country. She was so frightened, alone, hungry, and cold, that it took them five days to catch her. We are very grateful for the kindness and compassion of the officers who did not give up on this little dog out in the wild fending for herself with a large wolf pack nearby.

When she arrived at the shelter, she was skinny and hungry and had a small cut on her ear. She was very friendly, sweet, and gentle. It was hard to imagine her surviving on her own and even harder to imagine that no one was looking for her. We had not received any lost reports and neither had any of the rescue organizations in the area. She had a tattoo in her ear which we were able to trace to a family near Edmonton.

The Conservation Officer spoke with the family and they were shocked and devastated. They had made the difficult decision to give her to another family about a month ago and they had no idea that she had gone missing. They immediately drove out to Canmore and the reunion was heartfelt, joyful, wonderful, and seeing Bella’s excited full body wags brought tears to everyone’s eyes. They are never ever letting her out of their sight again!!

This is a photo of Bella with one of our employees. She couldn’t bear the thought of Bella spending one more night alone so she took her home for the night while we worked on finding her family.