Banff Elementary School--the kids know the answer!

On May 30th, Banff Elementary school had a talent show with students, parents, teachers and administrators. The three grade 6 MC's started the show off with a quick overview about love, the theme for the talent show. They talked about the Pet Care Club at the school, which is well attended by students.

Val Heath, grade one teacher hosts the Pet Care club where students learn how to care for pets when they meet at lunch hours. After the MC's introduction, they had an Bow Valley SPCA Education Volunteer (Yvonne Law) do a quick five minute overview about what pets need in order to live. One student put up her hand, and said "pets need love." This was the message  Yvonne wanted to emphasize. She used a dog puppet, whom she called Davinci to tell the children about Pet Care and the Bow Valley SPCA.