Thank You Sonya White!

Sonya White, the Adoption Centre Manager at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre since we opened in 2007, has announced her resignation.  The board, staff, and volunteers have all expressed their regret.  If the dogs and cats could speak, they would join us in mourning our loss.  We all than

Making a Difference at Age 6

Wanting to make a difference started at 6 years of age for Annabel.  She came to the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre, home of the Bow Valley SPCA and dropped off a donation to help the dogs and cats at the centre.  Here is what her mom told us.

Adoption Centre Manager Position Available

Sonya White has been the Adoption Centre Manger for the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre, home of the Bow Valley SPCA, since its inception.  She will be leaving that role in mid-February.  We are accepting applications for the position.  Please click

Jessi makes another new friend

Friday Dec 29th:  Jessi meets Raemar a staff member at Spring Creek. Along with residents the staff enjoys company of Therapy Dogs.

Grizzly Paw Brewing Company Donates Powder Hound Sales Proceeds to BV SPCA

The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company donated the proceeds from the sales of Powder Hound Blonde Ale during November 2017.  The Bow Valley SPCA received $1 for every pint sold at their restaurant in Canmore and $10 for every keg sold in Alberta.

Forest Will Help Kids With Reading

Forest a Therapy Dog with Bow Valley SPCA attended his first day of school at Lawrence Grassi School.   Pet Companion, Ben Miles and Forest were welcomed by a  Grade 4 class, and learned  of Forest's journey, and how he arrived at Bow Valley SPCA.

Jessi and Skylar Visit Morning Star

Jessi and Skylar therapy dogs met some new residents  at Morning Star Dec 15.

Elizabeth Rummel School Students Visit Bow Valley SPCA

Monday Nov 27th, 2017, Ms. Delorme's students from  Grade 3 French Immersion class from  Elizabeth Rummel School visited the Bow Valley SPCA Resident Animals.

Animal Care Attendant Position Available

We are accepting applications for the position of Animal Care Attendant until December 9, 2017.  Please contact Sonya White, Adoption Centre Manager at if you are interested.

Powder Hound Promotion Benefits the Bow Valley SPCA

The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company will contribute $1 per pint and $10 per keg from their pub and brewery during the month of November to the Bow Valley SPCA.  Their posters advertizing the promotion uses two Bow Valley SPCA dogs.  The pup, Darla (now known as Bella) was adopted along with her mom a

Doggie Dozen Adoption Update

Pam Doyle has written a great update on Ezra and the Puppies for the Bow Valley Crag and Canyon.  Click on the link to read it and see some of the images of the pups.

Donner Canadian Foundation Funds the Bow Valley SPCA

The Donner Canadian Foundation has awarded the Bow Valley SPCA a grant supporting rennovations to improve the quality of life for the dogs and acats in our care.  This grant will allow us to complete outdoor spaces that can be accessed from existing indoor rooms, enriching their environment--espe

Choosing A Puppy

 The Education Committee is sponsoring a free class on how to choose a puppy.  The class will be presented 2 times:  October 15 from 2 PM to 3 PM and October 18 form 7 PM to 8 PM.  Classes will be held at the Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre, home of the Bow Valley SPCA.  We are located at 1


Ezra and her 11 puppies will be available for adoption on October 21 and 22, doors will be open at 5pm for viewing. We have had overwhelming response with interest in the puppies so please be patient with the adoption process. 

Help us support Ezra and her 11 puppies!

Help us support Ezra and her 11 sweet puppies!

Puppy Adoption Procedure Announced

Puppy Adoption Procedure:
Ezra's 11 puppies are expected be available for adoption mid-October. We will post details of our puppy adoption event on our social media at the beginning of October.

Fun Days at the Bow Valley SPCA Summer Camps

The Bow Valley SPCA ran two one-day summer camps - one for ages 6-8 on August 1st and one for ages 9-11 on August 8th.

Ezra and her Pups--Day 1

A few photos of Ezra and her 11 pups--one day after delivery. The pups were in the basket for a few minutes while their bedding was changed and Ezra took a bathroom break.

Murrierta's Canmore Presents BV SPCA with Donation from Charitable Gold Tournament

Murrietas suported the Bow Valley SPCA with the proceeds of their annual invitational golf tournament.  Cody Marks, the general manager of Murrieta's Canmore presents a cheque for $3600 to Ed Mrozek, the treasurer of the Bow Valley SPCA, on August 8, 2017.

Hot Dog BBQ at Johnston Canyon Raises Money for the BVSPCA

One of our volunteers (Serena, a member of our Education Committee) and her partner work at Johnston Canyon Lodge & Bungalows.  They decided to have a hot dog bbq stand for Canada Day, with proceeds going to the BVSPCA.   

Guests staying in the cabins, staff, and travellers from all over the world, as well as day trip visitors were delighted with the idea.  They raised $200!  That is a lot of hotdogs.

The Calgary Foundation Community Grants Program Funds the BVSPCA

The Calgary Foundation's Community Grants Program has provided the funds for the complete re-design of our web site.  The re-design will be mobile friendly to accomodate the huge increase (over 500%) in people accessing our web site using a mobile device.  The source code for the new platform wil