Imagine! Wolfie - by Jessie

Good day.   I heard you wanted to know a bit about my life. Well here it is: I  lived in a cute little brown cottage with farmer Bob, a sort off plump man in Scotland. Also my 4 brothers and 1 sister lived with me. My sister Clover now lives in a home with two girls, a mom and a dad out in north  England. My first brother Timmy moved to a condo in the big city of Toronto with a nice couple. Fernand pursued his dream of going to Australia to live with a boy and his parents. Pine is still living with Bob in Scotland. But that is their life, not mine. My life started...

One morning when I opened my eyes, something urged me to the kitchen. I could smell homemade cheese drifting through the open door to my snout. Once I got to the kitchen, there, on the counter was was a cake, all for me. It was made out of doggy treats and of course,cheeeeeese! On the chairs were Clover and Pine trying to get  my cake, not their cake, my cake.  Right before I went to take what was mine, they suddenly ran towards me. On the stairs I could see a big brown boot on the end of farmer Bob’s foot. I think at the bottom of the stairs he saw a puppy (me) running at him. He picked me up and then put me on the counter. Bob took the cake right before I put my little jaws into it.

Years later when my sister and 3 brothers left, it was me Bob and Pine in the cottage. One day a nice looking women and two girls came in and started looking around. The smaller girl turned her head at me and started yelling at me. She said something like ‘’That one mommy, that one. Please!’

I went in closer for a better look. The lady gave farmer Bob some paper with numbers on it. Farmer Bob came over to me, ’’It’s been nice knowing you,’’ he said with a sad voice. I will never know why, but when the girls called me to the car, I went.

We drove to London and they put me in a cart, on a big flying thingy. When the flying thingy came to a halt, a man in a blue suit and a golden badge came and gave me back to the family.  Once we were all in the car the older girl said, ’’Hi doggy. I’m Lola’’ in a very babyish voice. ‘’Yeah. And I’m Dolly’’ the younger one said in a even more babyish voice. Just before I was going to brake the car window, we stopped moving.  The mom came to the car door and opened it. Now a days, I know she was letting me go pee. But then I had no idea. How is a dog meant to know that when there is an open door, with a forest behind it. We are not supposed to run into the woods. So not knowing, I ran into the woods.

I heard a sound in the air and looked up just in time to see a bird falling to the ground. While still looking , another sound went off. This time no bird came to the ground. Instead a blast of black went off. To be honest it looked like what humans call “fireworks”. A scary looking man came through the bushes. I can’t tell you anything else about what he looked like because I was trying not to look at Mrs.Evil over there. He took my tail and brought me to a junk yard.

He tied a big rusty chain around my neck, only my neck.  As I was walking, I jumped back cause I saw a scary dog. I noticed that it was just my reflexion in a old mirror. Another dog came into view from the mirror. ‘’You're not going to kill me?’’ I said as I turned around to a big, tall, bull dog. ‘’Of course not. I am a vegetarian. And by the way, its Tod,’’ he replied. ‘’Is there a way out of here?’’I asked kind off scared. He answered ‘’Why would there not be a way out’’? Tod led me to a small hole in a pile of garbage. ‘’Here we are,’’ Told said like a show person. He left like he didn't care.  On the other side of the hole was a road with cars. After a while, this car with the letters S.P.C.A stooped and picked me up. I got taken to a building with the same letters on the building. It also said Bow Valley S.P.C.A. Canmore!

To this day, I still live with the S.P.C.A. and I am waiting to get adopted!!!!!!!      -WOLFIE