Imagine! Tocher By Sebastian

Hi, my name is Tocher. If I could speak, this would be my story: I started out living in Vancouver, with my mom and brother. We lived a very depressing year together, living on the streets, begging for food and getting the occasional apologetic look from a passing pedestrian. The day I turned one year old, it was an awful day. My mother was walking across the street, when suddenly, a car came speeding along going at a crazy speed and hit her. She made a horrible squealing sound and then, was silent. Then, a man came rushing out of the car and looked at the damage he made. He gasped. The man lifted my mother’s limp body and carried her to the side of the road, where my brother and I were. We were both immediately beside her, mourning her passing. This would change our lives.
    I was two now, one year had passed since my mother died. After she got hit, the man brought us to the Vancouver SPCA. There, we stayed for three months. All we did was stay in cages, go for walks with volunteers and eat dog food. But I have to admit, eating the dog food was quite good, since all I ate on the streets was garbage and food scraps. One day, these two people came to the SPCA, looking to adopt a dog. When they came and looked at me, they immediately loved me. So, they adopted me. The couple brought me to their home, and already, it seemed that I had seen the man before. Then, that’s when it hit me. This was the man that had hit my mother in his car. So, that’s why he adopted me; he felt bad for me. But,it made me miss my mom. It reminded me of the unearthly sound as she got hit. I hated this man, so, I tried to mess up his life. His house was pretty small, so it would be easier to mess up than a big house. Starting off, I jumped out of my new owner’s hands and then bounced towards the curtains covering the windows. The curtains were made of a good fabric, so when I jumped onto them, I could just sink my claws in them and they ripped straight down in jagged lines. Behind me, the man lunged at me but, I dodged him, and dashed down a narrow hallway to the kitchen. There, I jumped onto the counter pans knocked pots, pans, bowls and plates onto the floor. After destroying the kitchen, I sprinted out of there and raced up a set of stairs. Once at the top, I ran into a bedroom and bounced onto the bed. I clawed and chewed at the mattress. Soon, it was a mess of bedsheets and squishy foam on a wooden frame.

“Well that felt great” I thought. But my celebration was short lived, because the man was on my tail. Like literally. He tripped at the door of the bedroom and stumbled onto me. “Gocha!” he cried. My tail was being grabbed and twisted by him. It was as if he was scolding me.I swung myself around and nipped at his hand, making him howl in pain. Suddenly,there was a creak, then a crack and the bed shattered under the strain of us fighting. That was the opportunity for him. Without letting my tail go, he grabbed my body with his other hand and lifted me up off the remains of the bed. Then carried me down the wooden stairs, through the messy kitchen and back to the living room where his wife was sitting. She seemed to be exhausted, although, she didn’t chase me through the house like the man did. “Off to a bad start” she remarked. “Yes” he replied.
After the initial rage, I calmed down a bit. They brought my new bed into the house, gave me food and water and I settled down for the night. My new owners were upstairs and the house was calm and quiet. Unlike living on the streets, it was always so noisy and stinky from the passing cars. I fell asleep instantly.

I was awoken from my deep sleep by a thumping sound. I was bouncing everywhere and didn’t seem to be in my comfy bed at home. Then I realised that I was in some sort of car, on the highway. “Tocher!” my owner called from the driver’s seat. “Tocher!” he repeated. “Tocher!” he seemed annoyed now. “Of course!” I thought. “That’s my name”. Growling at him, I stretched out and extended my claws, irritated that he had brought me in this wretched car. Peering outside, I noticed two things.  One,that the road was beside a forest with huge trees, with scaly trunks and enormous green canopies with long vines attached to them. Two, that the road was very, very windy. It made me woozy just looking out the window, so I  put my head on my front paws and dozed off.

When I woke, the surrounding was much different. There were little houses with gardens in the yard, tourists walking down the sidewalk, entering each shop they encountered, a playing field with kids running around, kicking a soccer ball and a crisp blue, cloudless sky. And of course, the mountains. They were beautiful grey snowcapped rocks that were all different shapes and sizes. Suddenly, the car stopped at a gravel parking lot with a field with tons of other dogs there too. On the side of the field, abruptly started the woods, which stretched up the mountain in front.  My owners jumped out of the car and attached a leash to my collar. The man yanked me out of the car’s back using the leash and started walking to the field. Following, I remembered how cruel this man was and started barking at him. He looked at me and scowled, then jerked on my leash, making me yelp. For the next ten minutes I walked around the field looking at the other dogs zipping around without a leash and playing with each other. Then, I got an idea. Bolting forwards, I tugged the leash out of the man’s hand and raced across the field and into the woods. Hearing the man chasing me, I pushed deeper into the woods. I kept on running and running until my legs couldn’t go any further.  I slowed to a walk, listening for footsteps behind me. Nothing. All of a sudden, I heard cars driving on a road and engines revving. There was a road closeby. Instinctively, I followed the sound until I got to a busy road full of cars. Exhausted, I collapsed on the side of the road, breathing hard. Lying there for a bit, I listened to the cars pass by. Then, a car’s engine stopped right beside me. I looked up to see an elderly woman looking at me with piercing eyes then strode towards me and lifted off the ground and onto the passenger seat of her SUV. All I remember was her looking at me, then I dozed off.

I woke up to the sound of barking and meowing. Squinting, I recognized this place.  I was in as another SPCA. Although it wasn’t like Vancouver’s because there were rooms everywhere instead of cages. Remembering the trauma of escaping my old owners was scary and worrying. But I knew that here I would be safe. And I hopped that one day, I would have an amazing owner and an awesome life.

                    THE END

Status: Available
Species: Dog
Sex: Male
Age: Three Years
Breed: Staffordshire Terrier cross
Colour: Black