Imagine! Tocher By Cameron

  Hi my name is Tocher. If I could talk this is the story of my life I would tell you about.

   I am 3 years old and I am a Staffordshire terrier cross.  Ok this is how I came here.
    I was in a normal house living a normal life and playing fetch. That is how I got to love tennis balls.

    One day my  owner was really old and he died. The next day I was walking along  and then  I saw someone walking a dog named Kona and he said “ Are you alone?’’  “ Yes  I am,” I replied.

  “Come to the SPCA. They take very good care of you there!” So I did. I am also very muscular. If I was human, I would probably be the best boxer, karate or judo athlete in the world.

    I forgot to tell you: I used to live with my Mom Lola and my brother Jon, but my Mom died by getting hit by a car.
   Now you know you my story, so please adopt me.