Imagine! Titan By Hailey

Hi, my name is Titan. If i could talk this is the story I would tell you: This is how it starts. When I was a puppy my owners loved me a lot. I was so happy. My owners gave me a lot of food, it was the best food I have ever had! They fed me 1 cup four times a day.

 My house was huge, I adored it! One day my owners asked if i wanted to go on a walk. So we went and saw a huge brown dog. I had a lot of energy so I wanted to play. The dog growled loud and barked and bit me on my side. But nothing happened I didn’t get hurt at least. I got so scared I ran away and hid under a trailer.

 5 months later the SPCA found me. I was 110 pounds! No one wanted to buy me, I had no choice but to wait and wait. At least I was having a lot of fun at the SPCA.

At first nobody could get me out from under the big trailer. But they saw I was a little overweight so they knew I must like food. They put a big bowl of delicious dog food and I came out. That must have been hilarious for them that I came out for food.

No one has adopted me yet so if you want to I would love that. My previous owners came by and looked around, they saw me but didn’t want me back.

Today I went to the giant dog park and went for a really long walk.

I should tell you about myself a little bit. I am a brown and white dog, a male, three years old and a lab cross. I am shy but I warm up to people really fast. I hope I find a home fast with lot’s of love and walks! Thanks for listening to my story. See ya!