Imagine! Tin Tin By Matthias

If I could talk, my story would be totally different. So I, Tin Tin learnt to write , by one of the elders of the Pipes. So I wrote this story from the very beginning:

I curled up in my cozy house. I couldn’t wait until the next day when I turned one. Because it would be my very first time in the outside world .Since then I have loved the outdoors.
  The most interesting thing that I saw was a <<car>> (as the humans call them).
  That day was the worst day of my life because: I discovered the deadly power of  wind... That is when I discovered my love of hollow cylinders.
  Underneath an abandoned house in the venting system.
One day after another washing traffic. Then finally some construction. I really wanted to see what they were doing to the ground. (Was there something wrong with the seat solid ground?) I crawled up the the venting and I realized that I could go anywhere in the house. Then I went up to the attic where there was one smashed window with sharp shards of glass covering the hole. Thus I carefully stepped over out and looked over the edge and saw a hole in the ground (A manhole to be precise).
  The next day humans came to the house and I knew it wasn’t safe in my home any more.
  I was known for this act:
  I came out in the sun with my shaggy hair of a stray cat. Since I caught my first mouse I have been saving a stash, and I knew it was time to move it.
  And that is how I ended up in the ten foot pipe.
  Finally I was rescued from my comfortable pipe and was brought to the S.P.C.A. when I was two.
  And for the name TinTin it suits me well since he was a journalist that loved adventures and I can write in the human language.

 Tin Tin                                                     

P.S. It is hard to write in the human language(“there will be many spelling mistakes”).