Imagine! Tin Tin a cat’s life BY CASSIDY DOMENICO

Hello I’m Tin Tin and if I could talk then I would tell you about my complicated and troubled life. It was not always troubled. My mother belonged to a nice little old lady; she took great care of me and my brothers and sisters. She fed us milk from cups and groomed us and gave us toys. Life was grande.

     One day when we were about 4 months old, the lady took me and my brothers and sisters to an animal shelter in Vancouver. One by one my siblings were adopted. It was lonely without them. I was sad and I felt abandoned. Than 8 months later on my first birthday, a rich little girl came in with her parents hoping to adopt a kitten. I knew right away that this was my big chance. I puffed out my chest and stood up straight. I didn’t  know what I would do if she did not adopt me, but I did not have to worry . As soon as the little girl saw me, she begged her parents to adopt. One hour later I was riding in the back seat of a car on the lap of the little girl whose name was Lily. She had black curly hair that looked bogny so I reached up and started pawing at it . Lily laughed and pulled my paw away “You are so cute!” she said. Then she hugged me and I knew I had found the purrrfect  place to call home.

     I lived a happy life with Lily and her family in Calgary for 1 year. She fed me yummy food and gave me a comfy bed all to myself (but she always let me sleep in her bed where I liked it most!) It was paradise till disaster struck….

     The disasters name was Luke. Luke was Lily’s new baby brother. It started with the crying and the bad smell, but then it got worse! Lily’s parents discovered that Luke was allergic to cats. Her parents told her that she would have to give me away! Lily cried! She was devastated…. She did not want to give me up any more than I wanted to loose her. She asked her parents if they could just give away her baby brother. Her parents told her to be reasonable , but I thought that it was a good idea. I mean, who wants a noisy, stinky baby anyway. The next day Lily said a tearful goodbye and took me to a foster family in Canmore. That was the last time I ever saw Lily.

      The foster family was ok, but they were not around much and I missed being cuddled by Lily. One day I was longing in the front yard when a great dirty  dog came bounding down the street yapping and barking with a big fat leash dragging behind him. He must have broken free. It took me a minute to realise he was headed straight for me, but by then, it was too late. He chased me right down a 10 feet long pipe.  Oh how I hate those slobbery canines. But I had better things to worry about instead of filthy dogs, for instance how to get out of this pipe! I examined it closely. The whole thing was smooth. There were no cracks in the wall for me to dig my paws into so I could not climb out. I sat there thinking of a way to get out, but after 3 or 4 hours, I was starting to get hungry and cold. I missed my warm bed and tasty sardines. I started to meow hoping someone would hear me, but it didn’t work. I sat there all night meowing and then I finally gave up. They just could not hear me…. I finally dozed off and when I awoke again, I continued to meow.

     I sat there for 2 more days. I was starved and I knew I would die soon. On the fourth day, a miracle happened! An old lady stuck her head in to see what all the racket was, ( I was still meowing!) She saw me, a sad cat with matted fur and dirty paws. As soon as she realised I was stuck, she called the 911 and the fire department came and helped me out.  Then, they took me to a place called the SPCA. The people there gave me lots of food and water and gave me a bath. When they called the foster family to come get me (I still had my collar on) they said that I could stay at the SPCA. So they put me in a room full of comfy beds and toys and places to climb on. My eye’ grew wide in amazement trying to take it all in. It took me a minute to realise all the other pairs of eyes were staring at me. Slowly the other cats crept out of their hiding places and gave me a head to toe examination. When they finally decided I was safe, they went back to their beds to take an afternoon nap.

After a few days, I had made some friends and was starting to like the place more and more.  On the 5th day, they took me to the vet and gave me some shots. It only hurt for a few minutes, but I still bit the vet. Now I’ve been living at the SPCA ever since. It’s home to me, but I can’t wait for the day when I’m adopted so I can start another chapter of my life. For now, I’m happy here and ready for anything. Thanks for listening to my story, over and out Tin Tin!!!