Imagine! Samantha (the one eyed cat) by Ryan

Hi my name is Samantha. I’m a one eyed cat. Here’s my story. I lived on a farm and my owners moved and left me there. I walked for miles until  someone found me and took me to this place called the S.P.C.A. I saw this guy on this electric box called a laptop. I zipped on to his lap and then the table. Samantha typed; Samantha’s status:

Age: approx three years
Breed: Domestic short hair
Colour: Torbie .
Samantha is a great small cat that we had the pleasure of knowing since 2012.

I jumped in surprise! 2012! It is 2014 and it feels just like yesterday when  I got picked up off from the street. In 2013 they took my eye out. I continued  to read the status: “She has done a remarkable job of adapting to life with one eye” and well I’ll let you read the rest yourself.  Go on to Bow Valley SPCA and who knows you might adopt one of the animals. Remember that is BVSPCA.