Imagine! Samantha by Marin

Hello! I am Samantha, the cat.I am a female Torbie cat and I am three years old.Oh! there is one little detail I left out... ...I only have one eye!My life used to be dull, always struggling for food to eat and water to drink,living on the streets.

One day a little girl found me and she took me to her home when I was just a kitten.Later, I found out her name was Hannah.After that, my life was far from dull, three meals a day, a warm comfy bed to sleep in,and after a while,Hannah started calling me kitty! Kitty was the name that I went around with for a few months,But I guess the name is not a big effect on life, and you can’t have everything perrrfect in life,I guess.

A normal day, I was waking up for a nap in my ridiculously comfy bed, then something caught my eye,nobody was home!!!! There, in that room, I was alone for the first time in my life! On the street, I had other cats; then I had Hannah, But now I have no one!!Some crazy thought came to me and said it would be the end. Just at that bizarre moment, I looked over towards Hannah’s room, and there was a window wide open that I could possibly slip through.                                              

Just as I slipped my striped,grey tail through the window, I slipped and fell towards the garden, I must have gotten a bug into my cute little eye or something because my eye felt horrible after that.                      

Pretty soon, I was running down the street, blindly looking for a place to stay. I must have been running for hours before I finally ran into someone, and that someone was a tall red-haired man whom looked down at me and my eye. He must have felt sorry for me so he took me into a really weird building.Maybe it was a hospital or shelter or something like that.     

Once we were inside, my mouth dropped open, my ears perked up, and my tail started to wiggle, there was nothing but cats and dogs all around me!!! There was a feeling inside me that said this is your home.This time I felt so amazing and as if I would burst in happiness and joy!
The man brought me into a fairly comfy room with a bunch of other cats,cozy beds, loads of food and water,lots of play space, and LOTS of toys!I love toys! Right away, I dove from the man’s hands and bolted towards the mountain of toys I mean who would not after having nothing to do nothing for what seemed forever!!!
I could not believe me eye!!”this is your new home little one” whispered the man softly.    
A few weeks later, my eye really irritated me, so then I had it removed!The feeling after that moment in the vet while getting my eye removed was horrible and very sad.                                

Well the eye could be better the losing something else, like a leg,or my tail because I couldn't walk without them,but I guess I will have seeing problems now, so I guess they measure out the same. The S.P.C.A (the name of the strange building) has been my home for many years now, but I am very happy there!