Imagine! Samantha By Henry

Hi, my name is Samantha, if I could talk this is what I would say.

  I am a short haired cat that is not very big. I have cinnamon and grey coloured fur, but around my neck, nose, mouth and paws is snow white. My ears are tall and a little pointy and my tail is a relative size with a grey and black pattern. I have extremely long whiskers that have a curve, but my most defining feature is my missing eye.

  I was born on October 15th, 2011. When I was a few days old a dog scratched me on my eye. My mama’s owner noticed this and she took me to the vet. When we got there the vet tended to me instantly, but it was so bad that it had to be removed.

  But after that life was pretty good.I was adopted even though I only have  one eye, I was well nourished and I loved the place I lived. But then one horrible day, my owner died.

  Nobody knew my owner was dead so I had to get out of the house somehow. I figured out that a window was open and I jumped out.

  I wandered the streets for a while and then someone found me and took me to the this place called the SPCA.

  I stayed there and I was adopted after being there for a week. The family I lived in this time had a man, a woman and a kid. The kid and I played together a lot: we raced, he gave me treats, and we played hide and seek.

  But then came another daunting day when the family had to get rid of me:  they got a dog so I was happy to be away from it, but I was sad to let the family go.

  Ever since I have just been living at the S.P.C.A and most things were normal. A small argument here and there, but nothing to really complain about. I am happy with my friends, we play a lot, and the people taking care of us gave us lots of food so we would not go hungry. And thats really all thats happened in my life that I think you should know.