Imagine! Pepper by Emily

Hi my name is Pepper,if I could talk this is the life story I would tell you about. Hello Im Pepper I can finally tell you the story of my life. I am a girl I was born in canmore and I lived in a beautiful house and my family loved me. I got adopted and I never saw my parents again, and my owners always took me on walks but then I decided to leave and I always wondered around and then someone took me to the S.P.C.A and I never got adopted.

       But then this girl Sonia came it all happened  like it was in slow motion and she adopted me I was so HAPPY! And now I love my new owner, she’s great!  She trains me, she takes me on walks , she gives me treats and a lot of people pet me and some people pet me where I can’t scratch myself. I love my new owner I could have never had a better owner than Sonia. After she adopted me she adopted more dogs like Maddie a pug and a cat.  I think I’m a pretty calm dog. I had a good life before, but now its even better.I love my life now; its spectacular. It feels like I can do anything I want, like I have so much to do that I felt I couldn’t do before. It’s like i‘m FREE!

      I never knew there was a world out there to see to learn,to watch because my owners always  kept me inside even if I had to go to the washroom. I could not play with any other dogs all I knew  there was a house, many houses. And before Sonia adopted me when I was wondering around for well, I don’t know how to tell time, but I would say it was about two hours and  that’s when  someone came and took me to the S.P.C.A and that’s the only time I got to be a person,  well a dog.

         This is so cool how I can tell you how I actually feel instead of barking. Now hopefully the world  will know how I actually feel on the inside not just a cutesy wootsy little dog that likes to be pet. I picture animals  just the same as humans, they just can’t  talk.  I want everyone to know. That’s basically the story of my life.  It was good but now it’s spectacular!