Imagine! Maggie by Jeremy

My name is Maggie. Here is the story of how I got adopted in Canmore.

    I was such a cute kitty. People would look at me with such adoration. However, my owners, Jeff, a big plump hairy man, and Marge, the tall ugly woman that always has snot at the tip of her nose were horrid to me and are known or manslaughter although so people think it was 2nd degree murder (watch out, humans of California!). Anyway, they hated going to the vet when I was sick and seeing the nurse making googly eyes at me or letting me out for an hour and seeing people on the street making googly eyes and petting me.

And that’s why I hated them.

    One fine beautiful day that I was locked out of seeing, my owners had a fight and decided to divorce. Jeff decided that he would keep me but I didn’t want to go with him even though both my owners sucked. So while Jeff packed, I hid. Sadly, he decided to be patient and wait for me to come out for food. He outsmarted me and took me to Canada. After a horrid flight on a plane, we arrived.

It was a beautiful town in the mountains. Jeff wasn’t as amazed at the sights. Me and Jeff looked through pages and pages of houses for rent, but none could host a cat (what kind of people are they?!). Sadly, Jeff took a cheap house and threw me on the street. He is so mean! And so I roamed the streets of canmore looking for a home.

One day, I came across a building, and through the window, I saw five other cats! So I scratched at the door, and meowed ten times. A nice looking woman stepped out and picked me up. She started petting me and brought me to my own room!

After about two weeks, a nice smiley family came into the building and adopted me. The only bad thing was, they had a dog! Everyone knows that cats are NOT friends with dogs! Anyway, my life rocks now, I’m well fed, and am loved to the max! My life is fun, and my owners think that adopting me was a great idea!