Imagine! Jasper by Alex

Hi, I am Jasper. If I could talk, I would tell you this about my life. I’m grey with black stripes. My mom died at 15 in a car accident. She had me and two other dogs at 14. My first name was Specialized until they changed it to Jaspurr. I’ve got a long tail  and legs. I also have green eyes. My life was  bad     because the owners never fed me and sometimes they threw me around. I also have diabetes and a broken leg. I’m known for putting a hole in the screen window and leaving. I act like a human by seating on the couch and reading the newspaper.

One time I made a hole in the screen and left. I walked until I found a garbage can. I slept there through the night and most of the day. Around 12 noon, they found me and brought me back to the house by some company. That night, I did the same thing, but ran to a house near the garbage can. The humans took me in and kept me for a week. It was the best week my life. The people have a fence in their backyard that I can play in for the whole day. They feed me twice every day.

The day they were going to take me back, a deer jumped the fence and chased me out. The gate was left open by some company. The deer chased me up in a mountain where I was able to hide. I tried to find my way back, but it was impossible. I lived in the mountain for a while.

One day I was roaming around and fell off a rock and broke my leg.  Luckily enough, there was a trail near by. A group of hikers found me a little later. They called the S.P.C.A to come pick me up. My leg was really badly broken. I had to get a $900 surgery in Calgary. After the surgery, I stayed in the S.P.C.A for 3 months. 

After 3 months, I got adopted. I had to wear a yellow ribbon. The people that adopted me were tall and looked very handsome. I jumped with joy. I was so happy that I was going to be with a family that actually cared about me. When they brought me out, I dashed to the little girl. She started petting me and snuggled me like she cared about me.

The second day, the owners already had a play area, a bed for me and my own dish. I slept in a small but comfy bed near the window cell. It looked like I saw this house when I was running away. It was my favourite 6 years because when the little girl had friends over, they would always pet me.

One spooky Halloween night, the little girl came back feeling sick. So I jumped up to see her. She started to pet me.  At that moment, I went to the vet. The vet said “Isabel (the little girl) had given me the flu. After I recovered, I was living the dream with the family of a life time.