Imagine! Jango’s life changing story by Cate

Hi, my name is Jango. If I could talk, this is the life story I would tell you:
I was born in Seattle Washington in a litter of five. I was the slowest one out of my brothers and sisters. By slowest I mean I was the last one to walk, open my eyes, bark and play with others. By the first month, all the puppies were gone, except for me.

A week after all the puppies were gone, I finally got a home. A young man with a women marched into the barn where I was trembling with fear at the sight of them. I have to admit, they looked a bit sad. I went home with them that very day. They also had another dog. Can you believe it was a german shepherd in their home too!? I am also a german shepherd. As soon as I saw him, I went ballistic.

My owners were not impressed. They soon found out my big secret, it took them about a couple of weeks. After that, they couldn’t take it anymore. The day I turned one, was like a freak show. I couldn’t quite understand why. It started with the man screaming at the women. I was petrified. I panicked and started to bark and  that was the totally wrong thing to do.

The man came over with a whip. The thing that happened next, is way too scary and heartful to say. All I can say now, is that I have 6 red streaks across my back. It was painful, but it shut me up right away. I tried to call for help but the german shepherd didn’t move one bit. “Thanks for the help!”

Random thought: I should probably add that I am the best ball catcher alive, if I do say so myself. Anyway, back to talking about me and my life. So after that horrifying event and the dog that ignored me, I was inclosed in a small area no bigger than a TV for over a month. At least they fed me and took me out twice a day. I had a poor and miserable life back then, but one day it all vanished.

It was when they took me on my last walk of the day. I was ignoring every little thing around me when, I saw this gray thing bouncing in the grass up ahead. I think the big people called it a runny or a cunny or maybe it was a bunny. I’m pretty sure it was the last one. But it interested me so much that I  had to pounce on it. So, I took off after the cunny, I mean bunny. I was dragging my leash behind me. The man let go and I was running after the cunny. Finally I had to stop. I must have been running for over an hour. Wait, I could still see the awful man, I must have only been running for 1 minute! I was out of shape! I could hear my owner muttering to himself. I could recognize that look anywhere. He was mad.

At that very mille a second, I was in deep thought, but I could clearly see that he was advancing in my direction and was running top speed. UHOH! My heart sizzled with fear. So, I took off, again. 10 minutes later, I stopped behind an old oak tree to rest my tired body. I ran toward the city, hoping that someone would take me away from this dreadful place.

The next day, I rose with the sun. Standing in front of me was a lady in short black pants and a red t-shirt and she had blonde hair. She looked nice and sweet. The best part was that she smelt like candy. YUM! I looked into her eyes, and she looked into mine. Then she took out one of those leashes. The candy lady hooked it up to my raggedy old collar. (It was actually just a piece of rope tied together.)  Then, she lifted me up into the back of her car. On the side, the car said SPCA Canmore. I think.

 It took about a day until we reached our destination. The lady took me into a building with cats and dogs. Some were in playpens, others outside and some on a leash ready for a walk. More dogs were eating and some playing with others. I could tell that this is a life saving place. A man came out of a room. The man and the women started to talk. Then, the man took me into one of those playpens. He left for a bit, then came back with another dog. His collar said “Titan”. As soon as Titan put one paw into the playpen, I went ballistic, again.

Now you know my big secret, I am not good with other dogs. The man took Titan out right away. And at this very moment, I am in the SPCA in Canmore and I am working on my way with dogs. And if you want to see how I am doing, go onto the SPCA site and search up Jango. You can even see me play ball with someone! And now I am living like a king!

THE END!           By: Cate Murphy
UPDATE: Jango was adopted on October 18, 2014