Imagine! Gunner by Cooper

Hi my name is Gunner and if I could talk, this is the life story I would tell you. Again my name is Gunner I have lived in the Morley reserve my whole life, until the S.P.C.A found me by the old burnt down Chiniki lodge. The S.P.C.A named me Chiniki because they found me by that old lodge, but my new owners named me Gunner. Before the S.P.C.A found me, I had to chase and kill my food. Oh, I am 9 months old.

Before my new owners brought me home, I had never been in a home, so I was afraid to go up and down stairs. I am very playful and good with people and other dogs. I am a Border collie cross and I am black and white. Before they found me, I was following a group of workers for a few days until I found that old lodge, ( it was like my secret hideout ) Oh I forgot to tell you, I am the cutest dog you will ever see! Now that I live with my new owner’s ( Cooper, Rowan and Jackson ) I get fed, I am taken to the dog park every morning and walked around the block two or three times a day.

When I first went to the skateboard park or at least I think that’s what it’s called, I met this dog named Brownie. Me and Brownie played, fought and horsed around. It was so fun, but I had to leave because my owners were really tired and they wanted to go to sleep. I haven't seen Brownie since then, but I met this new dog at the dog park. Brownie was about half the size of me and this new dog was about my size.  He was really fun to play around with.

 Well that is the story of my life. I hope yours is as good as mine, bye. Oh at this moment, I can see Alex, oh there’s one of my owner’s Cooper and there’s the other one Rowan. There’s Cate: I have met her before and I will see the rest of you in a couple of minutes, bye.