Imagine! Cinnamon By Troy

     Hi, I’m Cinnamon. I was found alone by a dumpster and brought to the Bow Valley SPCA. I am 9 weeks old and female.

     My story starts with my mom being adopted by a very mean man named Magufette. He was a tall black haired man in his 60s.  He had a mouse problem and couldn't afford an exterminator. He adopted a random cat by asking one question: can it catch a mouse? The SPCA said I think it can. The man decided he'd take it and that he needed no info on the cat. The girl at the counter gave him a strange look as he left {here is some info on the cat the man doesn't know: name Apple, female, pregnant. That is all you need to know.}
         The man hated animals and yelled at Apple about 10 times a day. The cat tried so hard to find the mouse day after day. One day he saw the mouse and thought cats did not eat mice.  It’s a myth, but if I want a new owner I will have to eat it. The mouse squealed! The man said: “Finally I can take you back to the SPCA”, and he threw Apple in the car. Mom wondered on the way if all humans had changed and were evil. She was now scared and would run from humans so the SPCA wouldn't take her . She was brought back to Magufette. Magufette was mad! He couldn't kill my mom because he’d be seen as a horrible man. He decided to lock the cat in the garage with a small amount of food and water.

         When mom had us, we were always hungry. Mom hid us in the garbage because no one used it, how sad. We three cats are boys and have black and brown fur. One day Magufette hired a maid. The maid took the trash out and she saw us when she sat it down but we ran so the maid left .  I roamed around alone for awhile, then a man on vacation saw me. He was a SPCA worker in British Columbia, but the SPCA was being relocated so he took me to a place called Canmore. On the way, he gave me dog food. I was so hungry I was stuffing my face. Since I had a small face, it was hard and I could only get one in at a time. When we got there, I stayed at a fun place called the BVSPCA for 2 weeks. Then a nice lady in her 60s adopted me. Now I play with her grand kids, snuggle with her and eat!

       If SPCAs didn’t exist I would be starving and living in a trash can with my brothers!