Imagine! Cinnamon By Ian

Hi my name is Cinnamon. If I could talk, this would be my life story I would tell you about.  I was born  into a family with one sister and three brothers. We were raised in a old abandoned factory.  My mom was sick and in a few  days she died. We got very hungry, so we went to get some food to eat. While hunting we ran into  a big black bird. You wouldn’t believe how big the bird was. I hid and  my family started to run.

I was one week old when I lost my family,  and never saw them again. So like everybody would, I went to find my family. I looked for two weeks, still no one. I started to look for my mom. She was not where I Last saw her lying, so I went to find a home for the night. It was cold, super cold and I was so hungry that I ate a pinecone, a pinecone, a pinecone!!

It started to rain. I felt so sad inside, I was worried that I was never going to see them again.

I started walking down a back alley toward a garbage I visited a couple nights before.  A  man grabbed me and put me inside his sweater. I was so cozy. It reminded me of my mom. It was my lucky day! He took me to the Bow Valley SPCA. This place was great! I made so many new friends, ate lots of food and fresh clean water. I could not remember the last time I purred like that. T, then you walked in. My life has never been the same. You taught me to never give up and its ok to eat the occasional pinecone.

by Ian