Imagine! Bliss/Quill By Lea

Hi,  I’m Bliss but I used to be Quill. My name changed because my new owners liked it.  My new owners are: a girl with dirty blond wavy hair, blue eyes and always smiling, Lea. Alexa, the one with blond curly hair, hazel coloured eyes and always up for a lick.  There is  one with brown curly hair, blue eyes and the one who takes me for walks, Ann, and lastly a guy with short curly brown hair, blue eyes, the one who buys all my wonderful food, Sylvain.

I have a few problems like everybody. I have a deformed jaw; I’m blind in one eye and have one bent ear and one pointy ear.I was adopted because I was referred by my vet. I like to call him Dr. Dave. My birthday is the same day as Lea’s, November 5. This year which is 2014, 11 days after Ann turns 42, I turn 42, in dog years of course. I’m known for being a troublemaker by stealing stuffies,and by not eating all day so that I will get cheese , my absolute favourite.
Now now, enough with all my blabber blabber, it’s story time... all of my life wasn't bad at all.  It all began one lovely day. I was lying on a table splat right in the middle of Jerry's gourmet restaurant in Vancouver British Columbia. The owner of the restaurant and I were quite fond of each other, so that night I asked him to bring me home and he listened. He lived with his girlfriend and I often heard two words that seemed like names those words/names were Luca and Jessica. The guy that brought me home was Jessica or so I thought… but later I heard the real names boy Luca girl Jessica.Than the bad news came: there was another dog in the house! I like to have all the attention to myself!  It just happened that that dog didn't like Luca and Jessica, so we ran away. I don't think they will move us they never paid attention to us anyway.

As we were walking along, we saw some kids. We decided to play with them, but only for 5 minutes. They picked us up and their Moms called them “Jess and Lila.” They dropped us off at Clouds animal shelter. Gunter, my house buddy, got adopted right away. Than 1:50 minutes later, a guy with brownish grayish hair named Joseff picked me up and before I knew it, I was in a cage. I thought I was being kidnapped, but before I could Bark I drifted off to sleep for 3 days.  I was exhausted! Just remember, I was still a puppy. Anyway,when I woke up,  I was in a ginormous pen with about 3 other dogs. I have to admit I was glad to be out of that channel that smelled like rotten rats. I actually had quite a bit of fun once I got to know the others dogs. Their names were Toey, Bella and Marty. What kind of  names are those?  I was too young, therefore  I never got any name but Quill. It didn't matter if i liked the name or not because not even a week later I got adopted and the name changed to Bliss. 

Then it falls back to the beginning: I am Bliss and I have a great life with my family and I get all the attention I want. Oh don’t worry,  I am not done! I just needed to put it out there: my name is Bliss for a reason.  I am ballistic!  Did I mention that I get all the attention I want and all you dogs out there, especially you Runter, you will never have a family as good as mine.   Bark you later !

Bliss / Quill