Imagine! Belle By Sydney

Hi my name is Bell if I could talk this is what my life story would be about: My life is difficult because I’m afraid of my kind (dogs,) but I’m very friendly with humans. And because I’m afraid of dogs I attack them. I have heard that other dogs can be quite vicious and unpredictable, so that’s how I end up attacking them. My point is I attack other dogs because I’m scared of them.

 I am 120 pounds and my species, I’m a Bull Mastiff. I was in good care with the s.p.c.a for 3 years. I was found by the Banff by-law. I was very aggressive to other dogs but as ’’sweet as pie’’ to humans, especially to kids. The s.p.c.a worked with me for hundreds of hours maybe even thousands and finally they got me to be ok around other dogs.

I eventually got adopted through Bull Mastiff rescue in the u.s.a. They thought that I was very well behaved, and believed I would be adopted to an experienced person with little or no difficulty.

To this day we are not sure what happened to Belle. She got adopted but then dissappeared. There are rumors her owner was being chased by a gang, but we are not sure what happened to Belle. Where she is, we don’t know?